Are 2017 Rent Reviews the toughest ever?

Are 2017 Rent Reviews The Toughest Ever?


We predict that, in 2017, almost 10% of our cases will end up in Court.

Why has this happened we ask?

After 5 decades in the business, I can only put it down to global and political uncertainty, which has created optimism in some people and pessimism in others.

Some Brexiters think that the market is just about to boom, and thus far the effect of Brexit on the Central London office market hasn’t been noticeable.

Others – Remainers think that Armageddon is round the corner, and are incredibly pessimistic with regard to the future of the Central London commercial property market.

What should be done?

- Find an experienced expert rent review surveyor. They are becoming difficult to find so do your homework

- Get your timing right. A Rent Review can take between 3 and 9 months so plan your strategy and evidence gathering carefully

- Be tough. There are tough negotiations out there, and only the strongest will survive.

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