Bisnow & Lorenz Consultancy on Surviving & Striving: Rent Payment Negotiations in a Time of Distress- 2 April 2020

The outbreak of coronavirus is causing huge distress across the economy, but perhaps nowhere more so than the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors. Enforced government shutdowns of pubs, cafes, restaurants and clubs means overnight revenue for these businesses has dropped to zero.  Government support programmes protect to some degree the wages of staff, and businesses have been given a rates holiday, but rent payments are still a huge issue for these businesses.

We are working in conjunction with Bisnow to bring you a 40-minute small-group session at 1pm (GMT) on Thursday 2 April.  Our 3 speakers, Anthony Lorenz from Lorenz Consultancy, David Buchler from Buchler Phillips and Frederick Fisher from Lalique, will examine negotiations between landlords and tenants during the current coronavirus outbreak, and how tenants can effectively navigate the negotiation process on rental payments to work out a mutually beneficial solution at this incredibly difficult time.

Rather than being in opposition, find out how everyone can come together to make sure we all make it through the crisis!

Click the link below for more information or to register to join the webinar. 




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