How To Navigate June Rent Quarter Day Bisnow Webinar

Coronavirus still remains, the lockdown is still in place, the economy is shrinking fast and the June rent quarter-day is on the horizon. How will occupiers and landlords deal with the ongoing situation?

Our Managing Director, Anthony Lorenz is working with Bisnow to produce 40-minute session on 2 June at 13:30.  During the webinar they'll examine negotiations between Landlords and Tenants during the ongoing lockdown period, and how both sides can effectively navigate the negotiation process on rent restructuring.

The Lorenz Consultancy and Bisnow webinar will aim to provide practical, actionable advice. It will look at all sectors of occupiers, but with a particular focus on the hospitality, leisure, and retail sectors with plenty of time for questions.

The content will touch on:

1. What happened when Q1 rent was due in March?

2. How can businesses achieve rent free periods, rent reduction and other benefits through effective landlord negotiations?

3. The negotiation playbook: What is the business case required and what are the negotiations tactics occupiers can leverage to achieve a rent free period?

4. What are the incentives occupiers can provide to landlords?

If you can't attend the live webinar, you should still register as we'll be sending out the recording to all registrants.

Click the link below to join!



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