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When is an Outside The Act Lease "Inside The Act"?

The 1954 Landlord and Tenant Act gave Tenants the rights, whose Leases Expire, the ability to renew at market rental terms.
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Tenants Rights

What are your rights when a Landlord intends to redevelop?

A Landlord can only oppose a renewal on certain limited grounds, set out in Section 30 of The Landlord & Tenant Act 1954. One of those grounds is where the Landlord wishes to redevelop the property. A development in case law means that Landlords must now prove their intention to redevelop to the satisfaction of the Court.
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The Supreme Court

Understanding the Case of S Frances LTD V the Cavendish Hotel (London) LTD

The Supreme Court decision urging more Tenants to question the credibility of their Landlord’s intentions to redevelop and changing the way we interpret the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
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S. Franses outside

Tenants Rights under the 1954 Landlord & Tenant Act Reinstated

After almost five decades of complex Landlord and Tenant Litigation arguments, with a strong bias towards Tenant Representation, we were astounded by the judgement that Landlord, Cavendish Hotel, could throw out their Tenant, S. Franses, who, for many years, had occupied a prime retail unit, under the Hotel on the corner of Jermyn Street and Duke Street St James.
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Homebase’s CVA has churned up more ill will between Landlords and Retail Tenants

The recent atmosphere of mistrust over CVA’s could seriously damage future relations between the two. Rocky times are a sad fact of any relationship. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes retailers are under pressure to make their margins and, most importantly, manage strained cash flow.
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Ruskin Hotel


We were appointed by The Ruskin Hotel to handle a lease renewal, after which, the Estate decided to redevelop the property, forcing an early exit for the Tenant, under the Landlord and Tenant Act. With timing and co-operation, our Clients were paid a substantive bonus, over and above statutory compensation, and we also managed to minimise the Dilapidations claim.
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What to do when there is no Schedule of Condition

In Dem-Master Demolition Ltd v Healthcare environmental services Ltd [2017] CSOH 14 the Outer House of the Court of Session considered the interpretation of the repairing clause in a commercial lease which referred to a photographic schedule of condition but the schedule of condition had never been prepared.
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London has been named the top European economic city, making the UK the most attractive country for employers

The UK has been dubbed the most attractive country for employers and staff, with London retaining its crown as the top European economic city, according to a new report.
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Rent Review Checklist

Over 10% of Rent Reviews will have to go all the way to Expert or Arbitrated Determination by the end of 2018, so it's important that Tenants are prepared.
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Retailers and Restauranteurs - Check out your Landlord before signing a lease

Many Landlords today are trying to avoid their Tenants enjoying the protection of The Landlord & Tenant Act by granting excluded leases. Research your Landlord.
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Regus (1).png

Both investor and occupier demand in the UK’s commercial property market edged up during the third quarter of 2017

Both investor and occupier demand in the UK’s commercial property market edged up during the third quarter of 2017 but there is more caution around the central London market, the latest analysis report shows.
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Rent Review Guide Square2.png


Download our Commercial Guide to Rent Reviews. Get informed, get expert help, and get ready for the toughest market ever. What to do and how to get expert help.
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Is Brexit uncertainty creating a window of opportunity?

According to, 41% of Tenants favour a short lease in view of the uncertainty of a hard or soft Brexit, or no Brexit at all.  Here's our advice.
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Tenants beware when relying on your quiet enjoyment clause - 5 things to consider

Tenants beware when relying on your quiet enjoyment clause. The recent case of Timothy Taylor vs Mayfair House will create Case Law to be utilised in the future. Here are 5 things Tenants need to consider.
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Read this before signing a lease outside The Act

Landlords no longer need to contract outside the 1954 Landlord and Tenant Act to preserve the value of their assets.
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'We consulted with The Lorenz Consultancy Agency Team when searching for warehouse premises and a London showroom for our expanding furniture business. The team sent us a great selection of properties, we settled on one we liked with good transport access (as we have lots of deliveries in and out) and the Lorenz team negotiated a superb deal for us. A charismatic team with unrivalled experience and skill, and it shows!'

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